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Inspection Fees

Many calls I get from potential clients start off with the question:  "How much do you charge?"  To start a call like that triggers my 'education' mode to help that potential client understand the Home Inspection process and everything that is done for an inspection.

To quote a fee (from a Professional Home Inspector) is not a 'slam-dunk'. In Texas all Home Inspectors are required to be licensed by TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) and have professional liability insurance to keep their license active.

Just because all inspectors are licensed (or supposed to be) does not make them equal in the services they provide and the background they bring to the inspection on your behalf. Many inspectors are known what we (experienced inspectors) call "drive-by" inspectors or "check-box chimps".  They are usually in/out of the property being inspected in two hours or less, willing to generate a report on-site and are typically in a hurry to get to their next inspection.  Virtually all them produce "canned" reports with very little direct input for the property you are having inspected. Sometimes these "drive-by" fellows do 4-6 inspections per day.

As a potential client you need to ask yourself just how experienced and thorough is this "drive-by" for doing a complete inspection on the property. Remember, you are making a huge investment in? Newbie and less than ethical inspectors are those from the "drive-by" world. They are about stuffing $$ into their pocket and honestly very few of them really care about their product (inspection and report). All they seek is the balance in their bank account after the day of "XX" number of "drive-by" inspections.

Think about it ... Honestly, you get what you pay for.  Drive-bys, newbies or perennial under-achievers will always be charging far less than the few of us who are truly Professional Home Inspectors. You can usually see fees from such Inspectors at or below $250 for any size of property and they make all sorts of offerings regarding to warranties and who knows what else.

The price of a Home Inspection from Nolan's Inspections is a small percentage of one of the biggest investments you will likely ever make in your life. Honestly, this will be the best money you will ever spend when it comes to the purchase of your new home.

My inspection fees start at $475 and will vary depending upon many items related to the property you have under contract. Items to consider as part of the fee inspection amount are:  1) Type of Foundation,  2) Number of stories,  3) Swimming Pool,  4) Termites,  5) Age of Home,  6) Square Footage,  7) Winterized,  8) Vacant or Occupied,  9) Age of property and several more items.  In my preparation for a personal quote to you for your Home Inspection I ask many questions to begin a learning process about the home so that I can provide you with a firm quote.

I tell you straight-a-way that I am not a "cheap" or "drive-by" inspector.  I am, however, one of the very best, honest and most detailed Home Inspectors in the Dallas market.

Be sure to do your research and 'due-diligence' and make your Home Inspector selection decision, based upon "facts" and "honesty" ... not on emotion or the cheap, drive-by quote.

Here is a link to Barry Stone, America's House Detective, and an article he wrote about Home Inspection fees. Barry Stone - Price Shopping for Home Inspectors