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This page will change as I collect additional information about items related to your home. Stop by from time to time and see if there is a document that may pique your interest.

The documents will be nested under overall categories that should make it a tad easier for you to locate information.

All of the files are PDF's and can be viewed by the Adobe application products.

Home Safety

Smoke Alarms in Home Fires - White Paper  -  National Fire Protection Association

Smoke Detector Safety - CPSC

Clothes Dryer Fire Safety Alert - CPSC

Clothes Dryer Fires - U.S. Fire Administration


AFCI's Come of Age

AFCI Electrical Safety Brochure

AFCI Troubleshooting

Aluminum Wiring - Douglas Hansen

Aluminum Wired Homes - Reduce Fire Hazard

Aluminum Wiring Repair - CPSC

Federal Pacific Electric - Circuit Breaker Panels - Douglas Hansen

Federal Pacific Electric - Circuit Breaker Panels - Hazardous

FPE Breaker Box - Fire Hazard - KXAS-TV

FPE Stab-Lok Breaker Panel Risks - White Paper by Sequoia Insurance

GFCI Fact Sheet - CPSC

Knob & Tube Wiring - Douglas Hansen

Receptacles (plugs) with Open Grounds

Open Neutral, Hot & Ground ... Reverse Polarity - Explanation and Solutions

Zinsco and GTE-Sylvania Breaker Panel Risks - White Paper by Sequoia Insurance


Temperature, Pressure Relief Valve (TPRV) Information

Tankless Water Heater White Paper

Water Heater General Information

Water Heater Maintenance

Washing Machine Hoses - Pending Disaster?  -  White Paper by Sequoia Insurance

Heating and Air Conditioning

Hail Stone Effects on Air Conditioner Condenser

Powered Attic Ventilation Study

Prevent Moisture Accumulation in A/C Ducts

HVAC Condensation Information

How a Heat Pump Works - U.S. D.O.E.

Maintenance of Residential HVAC Systems - ACCA

HVAC Quality Installation Specification - ACCA

HVAC Quality Installation Verification Protocols - ACCA


Foundation Book for Home Buyers

Slab On Grade - Foundation Maintenance - Post-Tensioning Institute

Foundation Maintenance - Tom Witherspoon, P.E. (Foundation Repair Association)

Roof Covering

Roof Covering Damage Pictorials - HAAG Engineering

Hail Damage to Asphalt Roof Covering

Homeowners Guide to Hail Damage Roof Retrofit