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Sample Reports and Other Documents

Below are some links to PDF files that you can review for a "redacted" sample of my deliverable inspection reports. These are copies of "actual" reports where I have redacted my client's information for the sake of privacy.

I emphasize the word "actual" as many inspectors, with their zeal to impress potential clients, often manufacture sample reports for their website visibility. As an inspector I can usually spot those bogus reports in a heartbeat, but surely feel bad for you, potential client, as you try to review and learn all you can about the inspector ... including me.

The bogus reports scream to me about the overall "lack of ethics and honesty" of those inspectors. Problem is that you might not be able to fully grasp that until it is too late and you end up with a "drive-by" inspection.

You will need to have Adobe Reader on your computer to read my reports and other documentation. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here:   

Existing (Re-sale) Property Inspection Report

Existing Property

Inspection Agreement

Inspection Agreement