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Why Get A Home Inspection?

That is what my website is pretty much focused on ... providing you with information about making a decision for selecting the best Home Inspector for your needs.

Actually there is not any requirement (none, zip, nada) anywhere in the State of Texas that mandates you to have an Inspection. Now an FHA Final can sometimes be required by the FHA-connected lenders, but that is not a full-blown property evaluation inspection.

Generally I think (deep down) that many (not all) people involved in the real estate transaction (Listing Agents, Buyer's Agents and Sellers) would prefer that you don't have an inspection done on the property. The reason? So that items of note or possible issues might not be discovered.

You can try and rely on the seller's disclosure statement, but they certainly don't always point out all the anomalies of the home. Actually, I have seldom seen a truly accurate seller's disclosure and I certainly don't rely on any such information for my inspection's data gathering.

So ... there you go. You are not required to have a Home Inspection of the property you are buying.

However, wouldn't it be a good idea to be able to learn as much as you can about the huge investment you are about to make? Just in case there is some major item found to be deficient?  Big ticket items in any home are:  1) Foundations,   2) Roof Coverings  and   3) Heating & Air Conditioning systems.

What about safety related items? Does the property you desire to purchase have aluminum branch wiring or circuit breaker panels that are notorious for starting fires that destroy homes?

Well, there you have it. A short conversation (albeit one way) from me to you for your consideration in selecting the best Home Inspector for your new home. Please read through the material at my site, review my sample reports and don't hesitate to send me your Contact information, fill out the Schedule Inspection form or give me a call and we can get underway for your inspection.

By the way, my sample reports are "actual" reports I have provided clients. I've redacted their name/location for privacy. I'm very particular about noting this as many inspectors "create" sample reports for display on their website to make them look exotic for the viewer. When I see such I'm pretty sure I know what kind of inspection that particular Inspector does. Problem is that you may not be able to detect such scams. That, in of itself, does not make me happy for you --- who is searching for an excellent Home Inspector.